Event: Media informatics flying fish award

2009, 2010 | Event Management

Each year the course in media informatics organises the award "Media informatics flying fish award" at HS Harz. And each year the students of the 3. semester are responsible for the after show event. In 2009 and 2010, me and Sebastian Dennstadt organised the whole event for 400 students and coordinated up to 15 helpers. We had to prepare the buidling, organice dj's, drinks, food, light and sound equipment.

Project: Mixed Reality

2010 | Project Management; One year project "Mixed Reality"

During my studies in media informatics we had the task to research for mixed reality concepts. We were a team of six people and I had the task to manage the team and project. After a year of work, we had to finilize our ideas and present them to a jury. As proof of concept we organized a mixed reality event called "QR Ralley" at our university in 2010. A part of our concept can be downloaded here (only in german).


2009 | Project Management; Cross media campaign

As part of my first study (media computer science) we were ordered to work in project groups to create an information campaign to the topic global financial crisis. I was elected to manage the project and to co-ordinate all five team members. Within the eight-week project we created a cross media campaign that included a poster and postcard campaign, a 30 seconds commercial, an online portal (, a 20 page concept (only in german) and a keynote. The promotional material for the website was a series of posters and free postcards in 3 phases:

Phase 1:
Plakate Phase 1 Plakate Phase 1
Phase 2:
Plakate Phase 2 Plakate Phase 1
Phase 3:
Plakate Phase 3