AM Control

OSX Application | First Version finished on , but still in progress

ios 6 logo For some people it is complicated to use the command line for some special tasks. Thats why people install XAMPP or the commercial MAMPP for example to use apache, php and mysql. But OSX has a buildin stack of these applications. I thought it would be nice to control the buildin server and wrote a small OSX application to start and stop the buildin Apache and MySQL server.

The source code is avaliable here

used resources: OSX SDK 10.9, xCode 5
osx Application
tags: OSX, Cocoa, Application, xCode

SRM - Student Relationship Management

iOS Application | finished on:

ios 6 logo With this iOS6 Application, you can manage students and log notes for every single student. The intention behind this idea is, that the professors don't have much time to look after every single bachelor or master thesis. So the app should remind the supervising prof with a picture of the student and it is easier to reminds them what happened in the last meeting or what the topic of the thesis is. We had to produce this app for the subject "mobile development" at my master studies.

If you're interessted in the source code, please feel free to contact me

used resources: iOS SDk 6.1, xCode 4, Photoshop
ios 6 Application ios 6 Application ios 6 Application
tags: iOS, iPhone, iPad, Application, UITableViews, xCode


Java Application | finished on:

java logo The aim was to develop a software, that allows you to transform the from iTunes exported xml library into a HTML website. The xml file will parsed with Java SAX and transformed in a XSL file. The user also have some influence in the program for the HTML page. He can decide what kind of information should be displayed. After he has been started the transformation, the file will parsed and over XLS transformed in a HTML file. The graphical user interface has been solved with the Java Swing library.

You can download the application urlhere and try to transform your own iTunes library.

used resources: Java 1.5, Netbeans 6.5, Photoshop, XML, DTD/Schema, XSL
Java Application Java Application Java Application
tags: Java, XML, Schema, XSL, Transformation, iTunes